Our Story

Meet Jacx of All Trades, Master of Business Administration- the best all-in-one business management software for businesses of all sizes.

Whether you’re a Jack, Jacq(ueline) or just Jacx, we know what it is to wear many hats and have to juggle many software systems to do it…not to mention remembering passwords, on top of it all. We created this one-stop-shop for managing your business & your business relationships, as a solution to the problem we saw with many of our consulting clients, who had several systems going at once. The best business advisor

We found that approach to be inefficient and costly.

This is the marketing, CRM, you’ve been waiting for. In the palm of your hand.

Our Mission


We reduce software fatigue.


We want to provide the best management + marketing tools for you and your team. We

Higher Sales

Look, let’s be real, the whole reason you’re looking into jacx, is because you want to increase your sales, or for non-profits, perhaps your donations or fundraising efforts.

Customer Satisfaction

Your business is your top priority and you are ours. We provide 24/7, 365 support via phone, web or email.